V. Muraleedharan


Kerala’s Own Son

V Muraleedharan, being the Union Minister of State for External Affairs & Parliamentary Affairs of India, has been working relentlessly to reinforce India’s position of Vishwaguru. His work in his ministry & beyond, has transformed lives and brought smiles in many households. Firmly connected to his grassroots, he rose to hold the esteemed position of the eighth State President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Kerala.

Displaying extraordinary acumen in leadership while being extremely humble & accessible to one and all, Muraleedharan stands tall as the sole ministerial luminary from Kerala. Spearheading many government initiatives, on Indian & foreign soil, he leads the ambitious quest to foster the development of Kerala. As a fervent member of the BJP’s cadre, he oversees management of the majority of southern states. Being an honest, capable and hardworking BJP Karyakarta, he with his team are working persistently to bring about the positive change in the state’s infrastructure & economy.

Political Journey

An Illustrious Parliamentarian.

A political journey spanning more than 40 years,
V Muraleedharan has risen from the grassroot level to the Indian parliament. In 2018 he was also given the responsibility of the Parliamentary and External Affairs Ministry.

The True Karyakarta.

V Muraleedharan is known to be stanchly honest and unrelentingly hard working; always available to Karyakartas and general public. His hardwork has been beyond his portfolios in the government to support the people of his soil.

A Dedicated Leader to his SOIL.

Starting from his ABVP days to his political career now, his contribution in being a part of nation building in his state of Kerala, VM has been true to the blood of his soil. His days as the state president has dramatically helped the party reach new heights in the state.

The Leader beyond Landscapes

As the deputy, to the ministry of External Affairs, VM has played a key role in going beyond boundaries to serve the nation and spread the word of VishwaGuru. Under PM Modi's leadership he has been a part of Mission Ganga and several other diplomatic missions on a global spectrum to serve his motherland.

Guarantee For Kerala – Manifesto 2024

A manifesto for us, is not just a poll promise, it’s our pledge towards our countrymen.

V Muraleedharan’s Mission In Action